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About Us

Prognify Urgent Care provides high-quality, convenient, and affordable health care.

About Prognify

Dr. Chidamber Alamelumangapuram (Dr. A) believes that there is a better way to provide affordable quality care without compromising on patient outcomes. In his wide and varied experience as an internist and his stints in the emergency, Dr. A noticed that many non-emergency patients were taking up time and resources from the ER, making the experience more difficult for themselves and those in need of true life-saving care. It was during this time he came up with his idea for an urgent care network that could attend to the needs of non-emergency patients who were in need of immediate attention.

He felt that there was a better way. And, that's why he started Prognify, where patient experience is our number one priority. From the outset, Dr. A held to the philosophy of “putting the patient first,” an attitude which percolates across all the providers, caregivers and the entire team at Prognify.

At Prognify we make sure that you and your family experience the highest level of care and help you "live well".

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