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COVID-19+ Tests at Prognify

We currently offer two forms of COVID-19 testing to patients. Both tests begin with an in-person provider visit.

1. Diagnostic tests: Will tell those who are sick or who have been exposed whether they have an active COVID-19 infection.

  • PCR* test: For asymptomatic and symptomatic patients.
  • Rapid antigen** test: Recommended for symptomatic patients.
2. Antibody test: Determines if you’ve had prior exposure to COVID-19 and have built an antibody for the virus.

+Most health insurance plans are covering the PCR and Antibody testing, but please confirm with your insurance company to check if your test will be covered.

*Results for the molecular PCR Covid test are usually available within 2-3 days. You will get your results from our lab partner North West labs in a HIPAA compliant email.

**We are currently unable to bill the antigen test to insurance at this time. The Rapid Antigen test is offered as an out-of-pocket visit of $149/- to be paid at the time of the visit.

How does the COVID-19 testing work?

We're here to give you the care you need during this pandemic. This includes convenient COVID-19 tests to keey you, your family, and our community safe.

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Please come into the clinic and we will collect your driver's license and insurance information and check you in.

Provider Visit

Short visit with the provider in our clean and disinfected rooms.

Specimen Collection

The provider visit is followed by a COVID-19 swab and they you'll be on your way.

Finding the right COVID-19 test for you and your loved ones.

We're here to help find the right COVID-19 test for you and loved ones. Let's work together to flatten the curve.

Rapid COVID-19 Tests

The rapid COVID-19 test, also called the antigen test, detects a protein on the virus, instead of the virus' genetic material. With the rapid test, you will get the results in 15-30 minutes. We use the FDA approved - under an EUA - BD Veritor system for our rapid tests.

Molecular/PCR Tests

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), also called molecular or viral testing, is done by swabbing the nose or mouth or collecting saliva. It is currently considered the best test to determine if someone was recently infected with the virus

Antibody COVID-19 Tests

The COVID-19 antibody test, also referred to as the blood test or serology test, is done using a sample of blood and detects antibodies produced as a result of the body trying to fight off the virus. These tests are most useful for determining if someone has been exposed to the virus in the past..

What next?
How will I know my test Results?

The Prognify care team will call you back with the results of your COVID-19 test, irrespective of whether the test is positive or negative.

How long does it take for the results to come in?

We will try to get your results as soon as possible.
- COVID-19 diagnostic (molecular) test results typically take three to five days to process, under normal conditions.
- COVID-19 antibody (serology) test results take about three to four days.
- COVID-19 rapid (antigen) test results take between 15-30 minutes.

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Diagnostic and antibody testing allows us to break down barriers to access that previously existed due to limited testing supplies. If you are concerned about your health during this time, simply book an appointment online.

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Frequently asked questions on COVID-19

What are the symptoms of COVID-19?

Fever, cough and shortness of breath

Yes. If the provider believes the COVID-19 test is appropriate for you after your visit, we will perform a physical evaluation, conduct the collection in the clinic, and send the specimen to either North West Labs, Quest or St.Joe's Labs depending on your insurance.

Yes please. For your safety and the safety of our staff and patients, we would like you to first consult with one of our providers in our clean, disinfected rooms. Please note: The care provider will determine if you are a candidate for COVID-19 testing.

Our average turn-around time is between three to four days. However, when the demand is high the results could take up to seven days. We're doing everything we can to mitigate delays.

Our clinical staff will walk you through the next steps. Depending on your symptoms, you might be advised to go to the emergency room or self-quarantine at home. We will check in with you daily to monitor your progress.